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Don't forget to log in to save your favourite shops and vouchers Don't have an account yet? Show More Show Less. Air travel has increased in popularity over the last few years and some of the world's busiest airports are in the UK, including London Heathrow, Aberdeen, Cardiff, Manchester and Southampton. To get … a great deal on flights from these airports and many others, use the CheapOair service to compare prices in seconds.

Travelling the world for less all starts with a few clicks on the easy-to-use CheapOair website. This international online travel agency was founded in and, since then, it has helped thousands of people to get the very best deals on plane tickets. The company offers a lot more than just big savings on air travel; CheapOair also guarantees the lowest rate on hire cars, hotel rooms and a range of package holidays.

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What this means is that they manipulate the itinerary you initially start with and afterwards provide an erroneous reservation. Be very careful when using this site as you will pay more in the long run. My suggestion is to go directly to the airlines.

You will pay a little more but you will not have the anxiety associated with dealing with having to purchase another return ticket for the same day. I was double charged on my booking. After trying to call them on numerous occasions they continue to use their stalling tactics and issue has still not been resolved. The whole process has been beyond frustrating and time consuming.

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I will never use this company again and shall be recommending to others to avoid! After extensively looking for flights to Bangkok I found what would be the perfect one. The website says there are plenty of seats still available so I take the time to put in all my information and book it just to be told it isn't available. But if I go back to the start it says it is.

So the site can't update till you put in all your info? Waste of my time and would not recommend. Obviously they say it's available just to get you to buy more expensive flights. Called a rep and they were pretty much like, "Yeah. I called to tell them I had a bad virus that will affect every person on the plane and asked if I could change my tickets for a time I'm not infected.

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I am flying my secluded time and every person on the plane will get a virus that will infect them for 3 weeks, and they will all infect every one of their friends, they will all get a cold and pick up flu for 3 weeks. I made a mistake regarding date departure and realized it immediately and called back and got the departure date change. I am so thrilled it was taken care of so quickly. Asked for a aisle seat again and was told I would have it. I was about to book but when I had already started process they told me price had increased. They said yes and since there was a 24 hour free cancellation policy I continued because he told me that it could go up again and if I canceled I would not be able to book again.

Everyone I spoke to lived in India and helpful but seemed to be instructed to lie or cover up and I felt scammed so I decided to cancel - then they told me there was a charge to cancel.

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They debited money from my account immediately and told me it would take up to 14 days to credit it back and they sent me an email with less than what I had paid because they said the airline had to refund me the baggage. By law I believe there is 24 hours to cancel and void all types of contractual purchase and they are deceitful and I am not sure if I will get that credit. It was an awful all around experience.

I had booked with this type of company before and I recommend not using these third party deceitful money hungry scammers CheapOair and going straight to the airline. They make things more expensive with hidden fees and confusing terms and when there is a problem they hinder the process.

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I used CheapOair 1st time. I talked to the agent to cancel my tickets, after spending 2 hours he confirmed that he can cancel my tickets without any penalties. The second Agent said the supervisor will call me within 5 hours, no one called. I called them again and the supervisor said he will call me within one day.

So, CheapOair has built the system to frustrate the customer and at the end, the customer gives up and they can charge the money.

The worst experience ever. I just purchased four multi-city tickets. I kicked myself after using CheapOair and not using Travelocity. Be careful using them with their extra fees they try to tack on. Undoubtedly the most dishonest company I have ever dealt with. They kept sending emails stating that there were major changes to my flight and that I should call. When I did call, they gave exactly the same information as was in the email, essentially leaving me none the wiser.

They stated they would call back soon which did not happen. I repeatedly called back seeking a refund and I unknowingly ended up in a game of "pass the buck. When I protested considering there was no way I could catch the connecting flight since my first leg of the trip was canceled , I was again transferred to another department. After waiting for over 30 minutes the call was disconnected. I called back and was placed on hold again. Someone did finally call back. Their reason this time was that they could now only refund the part of my first leg of the trip as that was the only flight affected.

I was rendered dumbfounded for a few seconds. They are only now willing to refund the outgoing flight that was canceled and not the remaining flights, when, if I am unable to get the first flight I effectively cannot make the other flights! After several weeks of back and forth, I am still fighting for my refund and now have a soaring phone bill. During the latest call, I was being told that the ticket is non-refundable. I prefer to spend money on a lawyer than have CheapOair steal my hard earned cash.

Skullduggery at its finest. CheapOair is the most dishonest company!!!!

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The discount is not worth it! I was very happy with the help I received during my booking of my flight, the gentleman was very helpful and I feel confident my flight will go smoothly. Thank you CheapOair for walking me through this processed. I'm not to computer literate so the walk me through was very helpful. I used CheapOair in the past to fly by myself. This time I am flying internationally with a minor child. Flight was changed, separating me from my child.