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Here are some ways to make money from your free coupon blog: First of all, you can save money by using money saving coupons yourself. If you have a free coupon blog, you will be the first to know about the latest deals offered via the newest coupons. Sign up as an affiliate with a reputable coupon company such as Escalate Media and Coupons. Find coupons that might interest your target audience, then put them on your blog. Your coupons will look similar like these below: Every time someone prints a coupon off your blog, you make money.

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You will usually get a few cents per print of a coupon but your earnings add up quickly if you get lots of people to print coupons. You can join the Amazon Associates Program to promote products on Amazon on your own coupon blog. When someone buys an item by clicking your affiliate link to that item, you will earn a commission. There are many affiliate networks. Apply with some reputable affiliate networks. If you are accepted by them, apply for affiliate marketing programs with some of their popular individual merchants in your industry.

If your blog is accepted by them, you can promote their products and services on your blog. When people buy products by clicking through the affiliate links on your blog, you will earn a commission for each sale. CJ Affiliate and LinkShare are two popular affiliate networks. You can join an online advertising network like Google AdSense to show coupon ads on your blog. Each time someone clicks on an ad, you will make some money.

Google will show relevant ads on your blog so there are chances of getting clicks from your audience. If you have a loyal following and attract a lot of traffic, you can earn a significant amount from Google AdSense ads. This is another proven way to make money from a coupon blog. If your blog has built an audience, companies will pay you to place a link or banner ad on your blog for a monthly or yearly fee.

You can have a few banner ads easily on your blog and earn a certain amount per month from each ad. With a successful coupon blog, you can make money by working with brands and businesses to promote their products relevant to your blog. They will give you cash, free products, and more rewards, depending on the brand and business.

If your free coupon blog has a large traffic, you will be able to earn more cash payment or other rewards via sponsorship opportunities. Starting a mailing list is an effective way to get more traffic to your blog and increase your earnings. There is a lot of money to be made from a free coupon blog if you know how to get traffic, build an audience, and various ways to monetize your blog. You must continue to write and post great content on your coupon blog to attract visitors who are already looking for free coupon codes.

How to Make Money Coupon Blogging

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How to Start a Coupon Blog

I would like to know do you recommend bluehost or go daddy as I am gearing up to start my coupon blog. Please let me know. Hi Tiandra! Yes I highy recommend Bluehost over Godaddy. They have proven to be very reliable with great customer support. Thank you for responding I was on coupons. I apologize the site is Savings.

They have an affiliate program you can join in order to display coupon codes, banners, and more. In regards to traffic, you can promote your blog on any social media platform, forums, commenting on same niche blogs, etc.

I highly recommend being active on Pinterest. Do you have at least 5 or more articles published on your blog? I am just now building my website. By offering discounts and coupons they are able to get people to their site and increase overall sales. However, the benefit here to site owners is that they can start providing valuable coupons to their audience and advertising on their sites. Just to get you inspired, here are some industry numbers on how the massive coupon industry is growing and affecting overall sales and buyer confidence.

Many of them offer thousands of coupons, promotions and vouchers that are updated daily. Based off the screenshot and site above, you can now better understand how effective the world of online coupons can be for both brands and site owners. Throughout the rest of this article, we are going to walk through the process of how you can start a site of your own in the coupon niche — and maybe even make some money from it in the process!

Instead, take the time to read through our in-depth tutorial below and make sure the foundation for your coupon site is built properly before moving forward. This will allow you to have a great launching pad for your site and potentially get even more traffic and revenue in the weeks and months to come.

How to Start a Coupon Blog

There are currently over a billion sites on the internet and more than million of them are blogs. WordPress is the platform of choice when it comes to setting up a website or blog, so that is the same solution we are recommending you use as well. One of the first decisions you will need to make, is if you want to go with a free website where you have a lot of limitations or setting up your site with premium hosting and having complete ownership over everything you create.

To see a detailed comparison between the two different WordPress platforms, you can click here. Thousands of site owners and bloggers visit Blogging. As mentioned above, we recommend all site owners get set up with their own domain name and premium hosting. Each hosting plan will also come with a free domain name and the installation of WordPress with just a click of a button.

We just wanted to let you know about this option before moving forward. You could also create a site that was focused on coupons and sales within your local city or state. By niching down, this will allow you to know your direct audience and not having to compete with huge coupon sites that might have millions of dollars in advertising budgets.

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Another example of this can be seen through sites like BlackFriday. No matter what type of coupon site you want to create, the important thing is that you keep it updated and provide value to your audience. Each of them are unique in their own way and cater to their audiences differently. Another major component to launching a site, is making sure you come up with a great name.

As mentioned earlier, if you decide to setup your site with premium hosting through Bluehost , you will then get a free domain at the time of set up. There are probably thousands of coupon sites on the internet today.

10 Steps to Building a Coupon or Daily Deal Website

Many of them share the same coupons and promotions, but they each deliver it to their audiences in their own unique ways. Assuming you are going to setup your site with A Small Orange hosting, this is very easy to setup, as they have one-click WordPress installation in place.

With WordPress live and running, you can then start adding content to your site and customizing the look and feel of it as well. Through the use of WordPress Themes, you can pick and choose a new design template for your site. Again, we can take a look at a site like Frugaa. Most WordPress sites will have a two-column format with content on one side, a menu bar on the other and a header section on top. In the case of Frugaa, they have a custom design in place, but we can also look around and find different templates from other sites we can use as well.

There are over different themes on the site, all of which are fully customizable and in comparison to other theme sites online, their quality is second to none. Take some time to look through the other top coupon sites in the industry and how their content is laid out. Then look through the existing themes at MyThemeShop and see which matches the look and feel you are trying to achieve.