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When customers start printing coupons at home, they'll first download quick and safe software from the site.

How Does Groupon Make Money? Groupon Business Model

Once installed, they can click away and get a ton of coupons. Remember, it's illegal to sell or photocopy coupons.

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This online method simply makes it easier than going through the myriad of newspapers and literally clipping coupons. Most often, clipping sites sort coupons by the types of products offered. Typically, shoppers can also order coupons, but that's only feasible if it's a product they don't mind waiting for, since shipping the coupons takes time. Daily deal websites. The hot trend, as evidenced by Groupon and LivingSocial as well as Eversave and the eco-friendly Roozt , are daily deal sites, also known as group-buying sites.

These offer deals that evolve through sales volume. In other words, the merchants offer large savings often 50 percent or more provided the website can produce enough volume to make it all worthwhile. Therefore, once the minimum volume, which is typically very low, if there's one at all, is reached, the credit cards of customers who purchased the deal are charged and they can print out their vouchers, which are typically then redeemed at the store, restaurant, spa, resort or wherever the merchant does business.

Most of them are short-term "daily deals," lasting one to five days. The objective is to grab people quickly and get impulse purchases before time runs out. This prompts the popular "buy now while supplies last" mentality. Mobile apps have made these deals even more accessible to consumers who can make a purchase while out and about, and swipe their iPhones or provide the code on their mobile device to the merchant.

These sites can be a boon to business for the merchants or, in some cases, a complete disaster.

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Business owners need to know how to turn one-time visitors and impulse buyers into long-term customers, or at least mathematically make the deal work for them. While that's essentially "their problem," it becomes your problem, too. If the merchants don't return with more deal features on your website, you also lose business. Therefore, one of your jobs will be to educate merchants on how to benefit from utilizing your coupon website.

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While coupon sites use several of these means of making money, revenue for daily deal sites is primarily, if not exclusively, from taking a cut of the deals. Coupon referral and aggregate sites.

These are sites that serve as a directory of sorts, pointing shoppers to where they can find deals, while helping various other coupon sites by offering a variety of their discounts all in one place. By affiliating with manufacturers, coupon sites, daily deal sites and anyone else offering a coupon or discount, you become an aggregate or one-stop shop of sorts, with a database providing customers with many choices from which they can select the best deals.

In an age of faster, faster, faster, you're essentially narrowing down the field for consumers who can look at your site instead of ten coupon or daily deal sites. You can even offer side-by-side comparisons of products from different websites. The lazier we get as a society, the more such aggregate sites will continue to flourish, provided you offer a great variety of savings. If you run an aggregate site, your main source of income will be a percentage from the various other sites with which you're working. Ongoing deal site. You could also be a deal site that doesn't offer "daily" deals but instead features ongoing deals to members.

Some coupon sites also promote their deals through other channels, such as television ads or social media. If a subscriber likes an offer, they click on a button that takes them to an ad on the coupon website. The ad provides information such as:.

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Customers can click on a 'buy now' button to purchase the coupon immediately, using their credit card to pay the cost of the coupon to the website. The website sets a minimum number of customers who must purchase a coupon before a deal is activated. If not enough customers buy a particular coupon, the offer lapses and those who have gone through the 'buy now' process are not billed. Once the required number of customers is met, a message appears on the website confirming that the deal is 'on'.

If customers like a deal, they will often promote it through their own networks, and by posting it on other websites that feature the best coupon deals. Each coupon ad includes buttons that allow users to share the ad through media such as Facebook, Twitter and email.

Paid Deals

Many sites also give incentives e. Customers receive their coupons by email, and can redeem them at the participating business which may be an online retailer or a 'bricks and mortar' operation with physical premises. The business uses unique coupon numbers to keep track of each coupon redeemed, usually with the aid of online tracking tools provided by the website. Coupons generally include an expiry date, and may have other conditions such as limited times or days of use, or a maximum number per customer.

They then forward the business its share of the coupons' purchase cost.

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Some websites pay the business a share of every coupon purchased, while others only pay a share of each voucher that is redeemed. Payment time also varies from site to site. Some coupon websites pay businesses within 5 days of a deal being activated, others pay soon after a deal finishes, while some pay as long as 60 days after a deal ends.

While many coupon websites offer products from a wide range of businesses, some sites specialise in coupons for a particular category. Specialist sites include:. Whether we like it or not, customers have started expecting discounts when they shop online.

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Year-round discounts, membership-based and registration-based discounts, discount codes, and coupon codes are prominent mechanisms of passing on discounts to customers. So, even if it had not occurred to you that you could use a coupon code, you are reminded of it. All you need to do is open up another browser window and search for a coupon. Usually, it is quite easy to locate a valid coupon and avail of an instant discount.

There could be several revenue streams for a coupon website. But the primary revenue comes from affiliate sales, and secondary revenue is from advertising. This means that not just does the ecommerce website pass on money to the customer in the form of a coupon discount, it also passes on money to the coupon website in the form of an affiliate commission. In most cases, the advertising revenue for coupon websites is minimal.