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Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Don't show this again. Here's how to enable this test service: You can sign up for the Google text alert service one of two ways: Chrome on your mobile Enlarge Image. Enlarge Image. Get text alerts for holiday shopping deals from Google Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. You can start getting discounts at this national chain by visiting the Long John Silver's website and registering for the coupon club.

Go to the Meijer "In Touch" page to register for the text message alert program. Text the word APP1 to or visit the Michaels website for the scoop. Visit the Moe's website to create a text profile. To join the text club of this national restaurant chain, visit the Old Country Buffet website , enter your mobile phone number, and be sure to click the box that says, "I would like to receive mobile offers.

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Sign up for the company's mobile deals at the Papa John's website. You can sign up for text coupons that will give you discounts at this pizza chain by visiting the Papa Murphy's website. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page under the email club form to fill in the mobile couponing information. Text the letter Q to or visit Qdoba's website for the scoop. To start receiving mobile coupons from this national sandwich chain, visit the Quiznos website. To begin your membership in the text club of this buffet-style restaurant chain, visit the Ryan's website , fill in your location, and enter your mobile phone number.

Register for the program by visiting the Steak 'n Shake site and entering your phone number under the "Text Messages" listing. You'll text the word TOMMY to to join the text club of this well-known retailer that sells fashions for both males and females.

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To join White Castle's text program, visit the White Castle website. On the right, under "Get Updates," you'll see a form asking for your name, email, zip code, and mobile number. Hide expired deals. Use legacy view. Rules Of The Deal ———————————————————————.

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I get constant complaints from people who subscribe to the daily email digest of deals posted on DansDeals that the deals are dead by the time they get the email the following day. Follow DansDeals. Lots of people have asked for a step-by-step guide to get text messages when there is a deal. Step 1: Signup for a free Twitter account. Step 2: Click here to customize SMS messages. Be sure to click to save these changes to your account.

Step 3: Click here to go to the DansDeals page. Click on the follow button. Step 4: If you change cell phone providers you may need to undo this process and do it again from scratch to re-enable text message alerts. Hi, great idea. Unfortunately, no. Try changing any setting in step 2 and then click save. Then go back to step 4. Anyone able to add a google voice number to twitter to receive alerts? It doesnt work when i try. That would be awesome, if it ever happens! Did you switch to a different cell phone provider? You might need to remove your number and add it again.

I am having the same problem as Yaakov. I keep changing things in step 2, but step 4 still gives me the same problem. What am I doing wrong? Is there a way to get just top offers like mistake pricing and stuff? Please help! Hi thanks , but I seem to be having a similar problem as some other people that when I do step 4 it tells me to first set up my phone which I already did.

When i try to do step 4, it says i have to setup my phone, which i did in step 2. Has anyone been able to rectify this problem? I tried logging out and logging back in. I tried deleting my phone and reactivating it. I tried editing one of the settings and hitting save, but i still cannot setup my phone to receive mobile notifications from DansDeals.

Am attempting to set up mobile notifications and I keep receiving a response that I must set up my phone. My phone is set up — I received confirmation from Twitter. Am new to this — please advise.

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Thank you. Im set up with twitter to receive notifications but im still not receiving them please advise ty. Any link or way to set up twitter to email for those without SMS? It must have been discussed earlier. Must I have a twitter account to receive text messages for dans deals? I prefer not to make a twitter account. It takes 30 seconds to make a Twitter account and you never need to go onto Twitter again.

Yitz, how were you able to text via google voice? Deals are pushed instantly like any text etc. We love Dan: No, just open another account. You can get instant email alerts without using twitter, using this link: Those seem to take much longer than Twitter texts. When you launch it a spash screen with error message appears. If I turn off notifications from 11pm — 7 am EST, would I still get any deals that were published during that time at 7am once reactivated?

We simpletons who hate buying retail, humbly acknowledge our leader who gives of his time to help even the technically challenged get great deals. G-d bless, and long live the deals master! Any ideas? Did you follow the steps in the post?

Chrome on your mobile

I just tried the links but it said that the page cannot be displayed. Back in December what I did was text Follow DansDeals to and I got the reply that I mentioned before that I am now following you and will be getting your tweets. Can you make a Instagram account!?! Take a pic of the thing you posted and ppl will see it! This may have already been covered, but you can set up notifications for specific twitter accounts in the Twitter iOS App.

Just go to the settings tab and enable notifications. No texting required. Hi, I have signed up for text alerts via twitter, and I received the alerts for the first day, But now I am not getting it anymore. Is there a way to subscribe to get text updates on the forum for new posts only in a specific thread?

I then clicked on the follow botton but it asked me to logon and give an email address I thought u said that there will be a drop down menu to easily sign on. What did I do wrong? I just went to and redid Follow dansdeals and it said my notifications were off. Same here. Stopped getting texts so I just went on twitter and signed up again. I actually looked on the forums to see if anyone else was having this problem. I was in Europe and got ur mesasges to my cell, some how I came back and I stopped getting text of all good deals.

Just signed in and reset my self up- hope this will wwork now. Thanks I can finaly get some messages from your site vi email without twitter. Do you need to have Twitter loaded as an app on your phone in order to get alerts? Did you check to see if your phone number is in there correctly?

I stopped getting alerts last week. Turned ON via text to still not getting. I click on setup phone but when I go to mobile settings, my phone number is already there! I set up tweet notification and it is working great! However, I am now also getting a text message every time I feet a tweet about a deal offer! How can I turn off the SMS and still continue to receive the tweets?

Thanks a lot, —Michael. You can get dansdeals tweets through text messages by texting follow dansdeals to No need to sign up for twitter. How do I unsubscribe to the text messages. I get to many and when I travel, it will cost me a fortune.

But first: Using text coupons

Me and my wife are planning to go to vegas we have the hotel booked already anytime between june 13 and june I am getting duplicate messages,,, thanks!! Pls can u let me knw if u cld find a ticket frm jfk to Tel Aviv for july 8th to july 21st in the 1, or 1, range.. I rllly appr it!! Dan Please answer the question several people have raised. How do we if we so choose to stop receiving your text messages. How can we turn off the notifications? Mook mama: Do you think I put in random numbers? Someone who had your number had to have verified the number from the phone and subscribed.

Nothing to do with me and nothing I can fix. They stink and they cost 3 hard pulls. Hi Dan! That method limits how many texts you will get per day. I would like to keep the twitter app on. I use Verizon and I want only one text per offer. Does Twitter has a app for the phone or do we sign up online via the computer? I am getting 5 texts for each post today. I always got just one per post, until today. If it helps to diagnose the problem, each of the text messages has a slightly different link. For example, in the last one, sent, I got these. Note the last 4 characters of each link is different.

Try contacting Twitter, https: I set up the twitter account and I believe I did all that I had to according to the directions and I am still not receiving texts. I want to sign up for text messages but dont have nor do I want a Twitter account. How do I sign up for just text messages?

Get text alerts for holiday shopping deals from Google

It takes 20 seconds to open a Twitter account. After setting this up you never have to login to it again. I have a twitter account. I am not on Twitter, nor am I on any other social network: Sometimes, someone is only looking for a deal on a particular item for example a laptop or a camera. Could I suggest that you create a system that people could be notified of the deal for the item that they are looking for, as opposed to signing up to all notifications?

See here for more info. You can then just check Twitter or the website. Is there a way to get text messages with deal alerts?

I stopped getting ur twitter texts and so far missed out on a few deals. My friend has the same issue, she doesnt get any text from dansdeals on twitter any more. Can someone help me with this?? And by step 4 there is no option for a drop down. Any suggestions to et it to work? HI Dan I had recently started getting alerts instantly to my email. I dont remember how I did it but they suddenly stopped coming.

And I cant find out how to do it again.